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Why Use The Lawn Process?

This program was developed over many years. It has been tested on lawns all over the country with great success. You just have to start and stick with it!

Save Water & Money

Use less water and less products over time.

Proven effective by many

Tested and proven

Safer Lawn Care

Most products used are organic and are safe for kids, pets and the environment.

Fool proof method

Make a mistake? No problem! This program was built to be fool proof.

The Mission

To teach folks a lawn care program that is not only insanely effective, but also uses less water!
You can have a beautiful lawn AND conserve water, let me show you how.

Transform Your Lawn!

Next Application


Look for the Forsythia to be in bloom. That’s your sign to start.

Some additional things that can be done at this time
  • It is a GREAT time to have your lawn aerated. Get on someone’s schedule early, they get booked fast. Try to have this done a few days prior to applying the rest of the products.
  • Your grass is coming out of dormancy, waking up from a long winter’s rest. If you have some matting and/or snow mold you will want to lightly rake these areas to promote airflow.
  • DO NOT FRET if your grass is a bit slower to respond than others. It will be green and lush soon!

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Success Stories

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I know, I know… your yard is different. You’ve tried ‘everything’ and nothing has worked. Your yard was planted over an ancient graveyard, cursed, no hope.

Try this, stick with it, and you will succeed!

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