The Lawn Process Fall Image



This is the RECOVERY/REPAIR step! The MOST IMPORTANT step!

Some additional things that can be done at this time

  • Ok, judgment time. How’s the grass looking? Good? If it looks good throw down your milorganite and call it good. Looking like it could use some help? Then it’s time to overseed! Have the lawn aerated, throw down grass seed (by spreader or by hand), throw down the starter fertilizer, then the milorganite. This will introduce new seeds to the lawn, will fill in thin spots, crowd out weeds and older grass strains and make your lawn stronger than ever next season!
  • If you are overseeding, consider scheduling another mechanical aeration just before.
  • Thatch layer thick? Power rake the yard as well.
  • All of this should be done the same day, aeration/power raking can be done a few days before.
  • Decided against overseeding? If you have bad weed issues, consider throwing down another application of pre-emergent.


Apply all products safely on the same day!

  • Apply Milorganite (11.5 setting on Scott’s EdgeGuard) or other Organic fertilizer
  • IF YOU ARE OVERSEEDING: Apply grass seed by hand; just throw it around.
  • Apply starter fertilizer at bag recommended setting. (Yes, alongside the Milorganite)
    • Give the yard 1x irrigation right after applying these products.
  • Spray with lawn safe selective herbicide or pull.
  • OPTIONAL N-EXT Application- 6oz/1000sqft Humic12 and 6oz/1000sqft RGS
    • Using Ortho Dial N Spray, I use the 3 – 4oz setting and walk at a brisk pace.


  • Mow at 3 1/2 – 4″ (measured from flat surface to bottom of mower deck)
    • Mulch! If you overseed you will want to hold off on the mowing for a bit. If you have to mow, you have to mow but the longer we can allow those seeds some peace and quiet the better. Remember, when you mow again try not to take more than 1/3rd of the total length off at a time. Mow it in 2-3 passes (lowering each time) and you will be good.
  • 2x per week if not overseeding. Enough to keep the top soil wet if overseeding until seeds germinate and establish (2-3 weeks) (10 minutes a 1-2x times a day in addition to your regular irrigation schedule works just fine)
    • 1x irrigation is equal to 20 minutes with pop up spray type sprinkler and 45 minutes with rotor type sprinklers (1hr 20 min with mp rotators)