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Summer Lawn Care – Do’s and Don’ts

Is everyone ready for another super dry, hot summer?!?!?! Honestly, this is about as bad as it gets weather-wise for maintaining a lush, green lawn in the desert. Cool season grasses begin to stress above 85 degrees; above 90 for

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The Lawn Process - Blog Image - Lawn Fungus

Signs You Are Using TOO MUCH Water.

“99% of lawn care problems are lawn watering related. Improper watering causes lawn funguses, kills beneficial microbial activity, kills soils, and causes shallow growing grass roots.” So real quick, I don’t think I would attribute 99% of lawn care problems

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The Lawn Process - Blog Image - When to start watering

When to Start Watering Your Yard

First Off Once the threat of a deep freeze is gone, you SHOULD check your sprinkler system. We will be waiting until the very last moment to begin watering our grass (more on this in a minute). The last thing you want

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The Lawn Process - Blog Image - 5 Tips to beautiful lawn

5 Quick Tips for a Beautiful Lawn!

1. Raise your mower Mow your grass at at least 3″ tall. To set this height, measure from flat ground to the bottom of your mower base.  Mowing tall encourages root growth, shades the soil for better moisture retention and

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The Lawn Process - Blog Image - Mower Tips

Some General Mowing Guidelines to Follow

Mowing MULCH MULCH MULCH! Except for the first mow and the last (generally, you are cleaning junk off the lawn at this time, you should be mulching. Mulching feeds the lawn, free fertilizer! When done correctly it WILL NOT have

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