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This is an OPTIONAL Step 

Some things to get ready for during this time as temperatures begin to cool

  • If you do not know how to winterize your sprinklers it is best to get on someone’s schedule now.
  • Your grass should be looking great! Try to keep up with the leaves as letting them lie on your lawn can promote fungus growth. I recommend mulching if there are a light amount of leaves in the yard, and bagging/raking if there are a lot.


Apply all products safely on the same day!

  • Spray with lawn safe selective herbicide or pull.
  • Apply Milorganite (11.5 setting on Scott’s EdgeGuard) or other Organic fertilizer
    • Most organic fertilizers DO NOT need to be watered in.


  • Mow at 3 1/2 – 4″ (measured from flat surface to bottom of mower deck)
    • Always mulch unless the lawn is covered in leaves, then bag. Light covering of leaves can be mulched.
  • Irrigation should be as needed this time of year. If the grass is looking dull, give it an irrigation.
    • 1x irrigation is equal to 20 minutes with pop up spray type sprinkler and 45 minutes with rotor type sprinklers (1hr 20 min with mp rotators)