The Lawn Process Early Spring Image


APRIL 10th – APRIL 24th

Look for the Forsythia to be in bloom. That’s your sign to start.

Some additional things that can be done at this time

  • It is a GREAT time to have your lawn aerated. Get on someone’s schedule early, they get booked fast. Try to have this done a few days prior to applying the rest of the products.
  • Your grass is coming out of dormancy, waking up from a long winter’s rest. If you have some matting and/or snow mold you will want to lightly rake these areas to promote airflow.
  • DO NOT FRET if your grass is a bit slower to respond than others. It will be green and lush soon!


Apply all products safely on the same day!

  • Spray with lawn safe selective herbicide or pull.
  • Apply Starter Fertilizer at recommending rate on bag.
    • (Milorganite can be used, but green-up won’t be as quick)
  • Apply Humate (14 setting on Scott’s EdgeGuard) or other Humic acid product
  • Apply standalone pre-emergent at bag recommended settings


  • Mow at 3 1/2 – 4″ (measured from flat surface to bottom of mower deck)
    • Higher the better, shade that grass and conserve water!
  • Irrigation should be as needed this time of year. If the grass is looking dull, give it an irrigation.
    • 1x irrigation is equal to 20 minutes with pop up spray type sprinkler and 45 minutes with rotor type sprinklers (1hr 20 min with mp rotators)


This application is not necessary, but with this little extra effort, things will move more quickly

  • OPTIONAL N-EXT APPLICATION – 3oz/1000sqft RGS and 6oz/1000sqft Air8
    • Using Ortho Dial N Spray, I use the 3 – 4oz setting and walk at a brisk pace.