The Lawn Process Early Spring Image


APRIL 10th – APRIL 24th

Look for the Forsythia to be in bloom. That’s your sign to start.

Some additional things that can be done at this time

  • It is a GREAT time to have your lawn aerated. Get on someone’s schedule early, they get booked fast. Try to have this done a few days prior to applying the rest of the products.
  • Your grass is coming out of dormancy, waking up from a long winter’s rest. If you have some matting and/or snow mold you will want to lightly rake these areas to promote airflow.
  • DO NOT FRET if your grass is a bit slower to respond than others. It will be green and lush soon!


Apply all products safely on the same day!

  • Spray with lawn safe selective herbicide or pull.
  • Apply Starter Fertilizer at recommending rate on bag.
    • (Milorganite can be used, but green-up won’t be as quick)
  • Apply Humate (14 setting on Scott’s EdgeGuard) or other Humic acid product
  • Apply standalone pre-emergent at bag recommended settings


  • Mow at 3 1/2 – 4″ (measured from flat surface to bottom of mower deck)
    • Higher the better, shade that grass and conserve water!
  • Irrigation should be as needed this time of year. If the grass is looking dull, give it an irrigation.
    • 1x irrigation is equal to 20 minutes with pop up spray type sprinkler and 45 minutes with rotor type sprinklers (1hr 20 min with mp rotators)