The Lawn Process Spring Image



Throwdown some fert, then take mom out for brunch!

Some additional things that can be done at this time

  • Time to get your irrigation dialed in. Try to address any coverage issues now before they present real problems in the summer.
  • Most cities will have Waterwise programs where someone will come check your irrigation system for coverage/efficiency for FREE. Have this done!


Apply all products safely on the same day!

  • Apply Milorganite (11.5 setting on Scott’s EdgeGuard) or other organic fertilizer.
  • Spray with lawn safe, selective herbicide or pull
    • Do not spray herbicides on lawn if daytime temperatures are over 85 degrees.
  • OPTIONAL N-EXT Application – 6oz/1000sqft Air8
    • Using Ortho Dial N Spray, I use the 3 – 4oz setting and walk at a brisk pace.


  • Mow 2-3x per week at 3 1/2 – 4″
    • Meaured from flat surface to base of mower. Ditch the bag! You should be mulching! It’s free food for your lawn. Mowing often is key to keep the clippings small.
  • 1-2x irrigations per week. When you start this is up to your location and/or weather but try to hold off as long as you can.
    • 1x irrigation is equal to 20 minutes with pop up spray type sprinkler and 45 minutes with rotor type sprinklers (1hr 20 min with mp rotators)